Achilles Tendonitis Treatment in Langley

Achilles tendonitis involves inflammation of the Achilles tendon close to the ankle joint. It is one of the very common condition seen in the population.

Causes can be running injuries, trauma to the tendon, overstretching of the tendon, improper footwear, malalignments in the foot and ankle which can make the Achilles tendon prone to injury or overstretching

It causes pain in the back of the ankle (Achilles tendon or insertion of Achilles tendon on heel bone), Difficulty walking, swelling, redness, loss of mobility in the ankle, weakness in the calf muscles.

Physiotherapist assesses your condition and decides which physiotherapy techniques to use to ease the pain. Electrotherapy such as Ultrasound or Laser therapy is used to help the healing of the tissue. Shockwave is one of the effective treatments for Achilles tendonitis depending on the condition. Home exercise program is also a very crucial part of the recovery process. In some cases, Orthotics are prescribed either by your physiotherapist or you are referred to an Orthotist to manage of Achilles tendonitis.

achilles tendonitis