Back Pain Treatment in Langley

Back is a part of body which is constantly under strains during our daily activities if it is not cared for. There are 3 areas on the back upper, middle and lower. Every area is prone to have specific issues depending on the strains it is subjected to.Back pain can be very debilitating and affect large number of people.If it is not given proper care, it can significantly affect quality of life.

Common causes of back pain can be soft tissue injury, poor posture, desk job, faulty sleeping posture, degenerative changes in spine, disc herniation etc.

Usually the pain is in the back radiating to thorax or hips or legs, tingling and numbness, sharp pain, burning sensation, difficulty performing daily activities such as walking, carrying weights, sitting etc.

A physiotherapist plays a crucial role in your recovery from back pain. A physiotherapist will assess you to find out the right cause of back pain and will perform combination of physiotherapy techniques such as electrotherapy, joint mobilization, exercise therapy and educate you as needed.

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