Fall prevention therapy & Balance rehab

Falls are one of biggest reasons elderly loose their independence. Falls also cause significant injuries to elders which can have sever consequences. Falls must be prevented to protect our elderly population and also anyone who is prone to have falls and they are preventable if some of the modifiable risk factors are addressed. 

Risk factors for falls:

  • Poor balance (modifiable)
  • Weakness in muscles (modifiable)
  • Painful joints (modifiable)
  • Stiff joints or limited mobility in joints (modifiable)
  • Poor reaction time (modifiable)
  • Poor coordination in walking (modifiable)
  • Gait disorders (modifiable)
  • Use of multiple medications
  • Fear of falling

Quiet a few of the risk factors mentioned above are modifiable and that is where your physiotherapist can help you. We help our clients to perform exercises at our clinic and make sure that they are on their right path to recovery. 

How your physiotherapist can help you to prevent falls?

  • By performing an in-depth assessments of modifiable risk factors and prepare a treatment plan to improve your function or fitness
  • By treating the impairments that you have
  • By giving you an exercise program to improve your strength, endurance, balance, coordination, reaction time


  • Do I need my doctor’s referral?
    • No. Doctor’s referral is not necessary. If your physiotherapist encounters something which might need the doctor’s opinion then your physiotherapist will refer you to the doctor.
  • How many sessions I would need?
    • Every person’s body and nature of injury is different and which dictates the treatment plan. Our experienced professionals devise a very effective and efficient treatment plan where the goal is to quickly return to the pre-injury activities.