Fracture Rehab Treatment in Langley

Fracturehappens quite often due to injuries of different nature. It can be either a full blown fracture or sometimes hairline fractures. Elderly population is prone to have fractures due to the age factor, reduced density of bones. Fractures tuned to cause significant amount of disabilities and it can affect the daily life adversely. It is very important to treat it properly to prevent complications and return back to normal function.

Causes can be trauma, falls especially in elderly population, reduce density of bones makes person prone to have fractures, sedentary life style is also a factor that plays a big role in the occurrence of fractures.

It can cause pain, swelling, redness, warmth on the fracture area, deformities, loss of function of the fractured area

The physician is the perfect person to diagnose the fracture but a physiotherapist can also provide you an insight and refer you further as necessary. Depending on the nature of fracture, it can be managed either conservatively or surgically. In both options a physiotherapist can help you immensely in recovery. A physiotherapy helps to speed up the healing process, the exercise programs to improve the mobility and strength and eventually to return to function as soon as possible.

fracture rehab