Ligament sprain Treatment in Langley

Ligament sprains are very common and it can be really painful and disruptive to our day to day life. We sometimes try to be active to become healthy. In some instances, we end up injuring ourselves due to a wrong move or just by bad luck. Some ligament sprains are prevalent in human population such as ligaments surrounding Ankle, Knee and Wrist.

Ligament sprains can occur due to injury to the joints, wrong movements, overuse of the joint, poor fitness, poor joint stability due to weakness in the muscles etc.

It can cause pain, swelling, redness, movement restrictions, weakness in the muscles due to disuse.

Ligament sprain can be managed conservatively or surgically depending on the extent of injury. Most ligament sprains are managed conservatively. A physiotherapist can perform thorough assessment of your injury and determine the specific structure involved. Then several physiotherapy techniques can used to manage pain, improve healing, increase range of motion, strengthen muscles and eventually improve your function so that you can go back to your routine day to day life.

ligament sprain