Manual Physiotherapy

Manual therapy is a treatment where a therapist uses hands to alleviate pain and treat the impairments of the body. These techniques include joint mobilization techniques, manual traction, mulligan techniques, maitland mobilizations, soft tissue release, trigger point release etc. These techniques are very helpful in pain reduction and improving the mobility. Our physiotherapists are continuously involved in professional development and learn new techniques which can be helpful to our clients. Conditions treated Joint stiffness, Tight muscles, Trigger points in the muscles, Painful joints


  • Do I need my doctor’s referral?
    • No. Doctor’s referral is not necessary. If your physiotherapist encounters something which might need the doctor’s opinion then your physiotherapist will refer you to the doctor.
  • How many sessions I would need?
    • Every person’s body and nature of injury is different and which dictates the treatment plan. Our experienced professionals devise a very effective and efficient treatment plan where the goal is to quickly return to the pre-injury activities.