Piriformis Syndrome Treatment in Langley

Piriformis syndrome is a condition where the tightness in the piriformis muscle can either cause pain in the hip or can irritate the sciatic nerve which can causeradiating pain in the leg.

It can be caused by the tightness or trigger point in the piriformis muscle

It causes pain in the hip area or radiating pain in the leg, limping while walking, difficulty is sitting or sitting with crossed legs.

Piriformis syndrome can be treated by using physiotherapy techniques such as stretching, electrotherapy, IMS and also by working on the postural aspects of it.

High arch/Pes cavus
Pes cavus/High arch is a condition where the arches under the foot are higher than the normal. High arches can cause pain under the foot and make walking painful and difficult. It also causes compensations in the body which can cause pain in the other parts of the body.

Cause can be congenital, inherited structural abnormality, neurological disorder such as cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, stroke etc.

High arches can cause pain under the foot, painful and difficult walking, abnormal posture of the foot and can in turn affect the posture of the limb as well.

It is crucial to get assessed to find out if you have high arches or not in order to decide on further steps to be taken. Your physician or physiotherapist can assess you to find out if you have high arches or not. First line of treatment would be custom orthotics to support the arches to reduce the stress on the structures of the foot. Physiotherapist can help you to manage pain and work on the compensations that happens due to high arches so some corrections can be made.