Post-Surgical Physiotherapy

Post-surgical physiotherapy has a very significant role in the recovery after some surgical procedure where physiotherapy is recommended. After a surgery, the operated area is in the healing process and it affects the overall function of an individual. If proper measures are not taken at the right time, it can lengthen the recovery time and sometimes can cause some post-operative complications which can be avoided. A physiotherapist helps you in the recovery process by,

  • performing an in-depth assessment
  • educating you on the recovery process and care that you need to take during this process
  • performing physiotherapy techniques to improve healing
  • teaching you and exercise program to improve the function and fitness of the affected area in order to return to normal day to day life
  • making sure that an individual is on the right path to recovery
  • advice you on any important steps to be taken for your recovery and also will refer you to other professionals if necessary

Conditions treated under Post-surgical physiotherapy
Shoulder dislocation, Total Knee replacement (TKR), Total Hip replacement (THR), Fractures (post-surgical rehab), Fracture (physiotherapy for non-surgical cases), Colle’s fracture (Fracture around the wrist), Boxer’s fracture (Fracture on the 4th or 5th finger), Carpal tunnel release, Fracture of the Arm, forearm, hand, thigh, leg, foot, Joints, spine 


  • Do I need my doctor’s referral?
    • No. Doctor’s referral is not necessary. But as your specialist has operated on you, if there are any instructions from your specialist, you should provide it to your physiotherapist.  If your physiotherapist encounters something which might need the doctor’s opinion then your physiotherapist will refer you to the doctor.
  • How many sessions I would need?
    • Every person’s body heals differently depending on person’s body’s nature, age, existing health conditions and which dictates the recovery time. Every fracture has its natural course of recovery, so your recovery depends on that. Our experienced professionals devise a very effective and efficient treatment plan where the goal is to quickly return to the pre-injury activities.