Postural Syndromes Treatment in Langley

Good posture of the body is very important for the efficient functioning of the body as well as to prevent impairments which can be caused due to poor posture. Poor posture in different part of the body can cause some specific ailments. Poor posture can cause some complication in the later stages of the life which can be very disabling. So it is very important take care of the posture and ailments that is caused by it at an early stage.

Neck pain can be caused by bad posture on the upper body. Poor posture on the upper body can be due to long duration sitting or desk job or just a bad habit of staying in a stoop posture. Low back pain can be caused because of the tightness or weakness in certain structures of low back and legs. Poor fitness or sedentary lifestyle has a big role to play as well.

It causes pain in the Neck, Low back, hips, Knees, Feet. Reduced function or difficulty doing some activities.

Postural syndromes can be treated by using number of physiotherapy techniques to reduce pain, tightness and improving mobility in joints and strength in the muscles. Physiotherapist educates youon how to prevent bad posture.

postural syndromes