Shoulder Dislocation Treatment in Langley

Shoulder dislocations happen sometimes when the shoulder is pushed violently in certain direction and it can cause significant damage to the tissues around the shoulder. Sometimes it gets relocated itself and sometimes you need medical attention to put it back in the right place. In some cases, it causes damage to some specific structure in the joint which need surgical intervention. After the relocation, the shoulder stays painful and less functional for most of the individuals. In order to recover it to its highest function, physiotherapy becomes very necessary.

Shoulder dislocation occurs due to a fall on the hand in certain positions, sudden force on the shoulder in certain position, violent movement of the shoulder, laxity of the shoulder joint etc.

It can cause pain, swelling, weakness in the muscles, loss of function or reduced function.

Conservative management includes pain management, protection of the joint using a sling, electrotherapy to spend up the healing process, home exercise program to strengthen the muscles and improve function.
Sometime you need a surgical intervention following which, you go through post-surgical physiotherapy.