Taping (Kinesio taping, Athletic taping)

Taping is a technique which is sometimes used temporarily to provide protection to an injured area, support the anatomical structures, provide compression to the affected area to reduce swelling, restrict movement of the injured structures. 

Intended effect of taping:

  • Protect the injured area
  • Prevent injury or re-injury
  • improve stability
  • reduce pain
  • correction of faulty bio-mechanics
  • facilitation and inhibition of muscles
  • proprioception enhancement
  • reduce swelling

Our physiotherapists employ variety of taping techniques depending on the need of an individual. 

Conditions treated:
Ankle sprain, Knee ligament injuries, Faulty biomechanics, Osteoarthritis of Knee (OA Knee), Swelling around certain joints, Wrist sprain, Scapular dyskinesis, Tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis)