D109 - 20159 88 Ave (Thunderbird Village) Langley BC V1M 0A4
D109 – 20159 88 Ave (Thunderbird Village) Langley BC V1M 0A4
D109 – 20159 88 Ave (Thunderbird Village) Langley BC V1M 0A4

About us

Our Story

Ronak and Rama (business partners) met each other in Canada while they were going through their physiotherapy license exams and they have been friends since then. Rama has vast and variety of experience in the physiotherapy field from being a clinician, lecturer, enthusiast in building devices and objects which is helpful in physiotherapy treatments and avid seeker of new knowledge. Ronak has number of years of experience as a physiotherapist and he has done his masters from Germany which gave him an opportunity to learn new concepts and a different taste of how healthcare is administered in a country like Germany. Both had a vision to come to a beautiful and a marvelous country like Canada to start the next phase of their life where they can grow and raise their family in a wonderful environment and simultaneously be of great use to the community as good physiotherapists.

After years of experience as physiotherapists in Canada, Ronak and Rama felt that they can get together and start a facility where they can implement their ideas and have the freedom to build something that they can call their own while being at service to the community. Their goal is to provide the best possible services aiming towards service to humanity.

Our Vision

Healthier Community

Here at Divine Care Physiotherapy, it is our vision to help our clients to achieve their goals of physical well being so that they can enjoy their life by being able to engage in daily, recreational and work-related activities, without any restrictions and suffering. Physical health is one of the key factors to achieve the fulfillment of this life and we are here to help you to achieve that. Our goal is to provide the best possible services to the community and be a leader in the physiotherapy field. We envisioned ourselves as professionals whom you can trust and count on.

A workplace atmosphere that induces wellbeing in the community

The partners in Divine Care Physiotherapy had a vision to establish a facility, which is not just a workplace and business but a place where they can make their work "worship", and the clinic a joyful workplace. We also believe in caring for our colleagues and make them feel valued which sequentially help our clients well-being. We feel that if the right attitude is cultivated, one can achieve all the attainable goals one has. This is the attitude we want to cultivate here.

To be a name that you can trust

Our sole purpose is to build a name that is trustworthy and you can rely on. We want to put all the effort as honestly as possible to achieve that.

Our Mission

At Divine Care Physiotherapy,
  • We aim to provide excellent quality services to achieve the goals of our clients.
  • In order to be really effective and efficient our professionals continuously stay engaged in professional development and bring the best practices on the table.
  • Our professionals have extensive experience and skills that can help our clients to attain their functional goals and successively well-being.
  • It is ingrained in our team to care and we commit to give our best performance for the betterment of our clients.
  • Our mission is to not only treat our clients aches and pains but also motivate them for healthy lifestyle choices.

Our Team

Ronak Kapadia

Registered Physiotherapist, BPT, MAPAH

Ronak has extensive experience in the areas of musculoskeletal, neurological, sports, vestibular and concussion management. He is an avid learner and constantly adds new skills in his arsenal. He did Bachelors of Physiotherapy in India where he had intense training in an institute with 810 bed hospital. He worked in hospital, orthopaedic clinic, community as well as university settings. Ronak has got Masters degree in physical activity and health from University of Erlangen-Nuremberg in Germany where he was involved in research and received clinical training as well.

Ronak has special interest in orthopaedic and neurological conditions. He is trained in manual therapy techniques, vestibular therapy, concussion management, Dry needling/IMS and has number of certifications. He has done had Yoga certification in India. He has very rich experience in dealing with musculoskeletal pathologies, sports related injuries as well as neurological conditions. Ronak believes in ongoing learning and yearns for learning new techniques which can help his clients. He believes in hands-on therapy and applies several manual therapy techniques.

Ronak has a very pleasing personality, professional attitude and he takes utmost care of his clients so that his clients get the ultimate results possible from his side. He is a very passionate and client oriented physical therapist.

Languages known: English, Hindi, Gujarati, understands Punjabi
In his free time Ronak likes to sing, play music, meditate and go for a walk.

Contact: ronak@divinecarephysio.com

Rama N A Raja

Registered Physiotherapist, BPT, MPT

Rama is a Clinical Physiotherapist with over 16-years of experience in sports injury, neurological conditions and musculoskeletal injuries.

Rama graduated as a physiotherapist from the Tamil Nadu Dr. M.G.R Medical University (India) in 2003 and Masters in Physiotherapy (Neurological Rehabilitation) from H.N.B Gharwal University (India) in 2006.

Rama has worked locally and abroad gaining hospital and private practice experience. During his time in India, he was Associate Professor for teaching graduate and post graduate students of Physiotherapy for eight years. He published research articles in various International Journals of Physiotherapy.

Rama has completed courses in Vestibular Rehabilitation, Concussion, Manual Therapy (Maitland's and Mulligan's), IMS, TMJ, Neuro-Developmental Therapy and Kinesiotaping.

Rama completed the Level 1 Bike Fit course, which qualifies him as a Pro Fitter. Rama is certified in Bike Fit with a keen interest to work more with the Road Bikes, Gravel bikes, Mountain bikes and Recreational bikes in order to improve comfort, efficacy and performance of the riders for their safety and to ride with fun.

Biking, Music, Hiking, Cooking, Tennis, Badminton

Languages known:
English, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Punjabi and Malayalam

Contact: rama@divinecarephysio.com

Anam Kapadia

Registered Physiotherapist, BPT, MPT

Anam passed her Masters in Physiotherapy in year 2014 from India. She has vast experience in acute care, orthopedic and Neurological rehabilitation. Her motto in becoming a Physical therapist is to keep people physically and mentally healthy by moving and making them enjoy what they like to do which in return makes them lively and cheerful.

Body movement and functioning go hand in hand she works to create a balance between them so gaining maximum potential out from yourself, which brings positive results and happiness. She is trained in concussion management and vestibular rehabilitation as well. She treats and care for the clients as her own family. Bringing a smile and satisfaction on face matters more in her work. She enjoys being active in woods and staying connected with nature.

Languages known:
English, Hindi and Gujarati

Contact: anam@divinecarephysio.com

Jungbyung (Jacob) Ryu

Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Jacob is a licensed Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner who can practice Acupuncture, Herbal prescription and other therapeutic modalities like Cupping, Tuina, Guasha and more. He has studied TCM at PCU in BC, CANADA but his original education of Acupuncture & Moxibustion has dated back 2000 in Korea. He has been influenced by a late legendary acupuncturist, Kim, Namsoo who devoted his whole life for public health especially the marginalized and studied his practices and joined the volunteer group of giving free service to people in need.

His interest in traditional ways of healing has sprung from not only his major, ancient Chinese philosophy that allowed him to discover the core idea of life itself through reading various classics plus the cannons of medicine like 『Book of Yellow Emperor黃帝內經』, but also the engagement to many different sports. He has naturally experienced various kind of injuries and disease because he has worked as a climbing instructor, a trainer and facilitator of Outward Bound Korea also a tea counselor besides his major career, lecturing philosophy.

Jacob believes that healing is a process that requires the patient, health care providers and supporters to participate. He believes that healing is a process that numbers of people should participate, the patient, the health care providers and the supporters. Without having cooperative interactions of them, it is not going to be easy to have the patients be healed. The reason he follows and practices the traditional way is his belief that we all have nature of recovery from disease and there are time-proved natural ways of balancing, the Acupuncture immune of boosting, the Moxibustion and the last internal treating, herbal prescription.

Jacob pursues the integrated approach to healing by providing all the possible ways along the own nature of conditions of the individuals. He is open to utilize his knowledge and experiences from injury to internal disease, immune boosting and longevity with well balanced and to prevention of disease.

Biking, Music, and Cooking

Languages known:
English, Korean and Chinese

Contact: jacob@divinecarephysio.com