Hand injury Treatment in Langley

Intricate in design and function, the hand is an amazing work of anatomic engineering. Form follows function in the hand; therefore, any injury to the underlying structures of the hand carries the potential for serious handicap. To reduce this risk, even the smallest hand injuries require proper medical evaluation. The most common cause of the injuries was blunt trauma, followed by injury from a sharp object

Hand Injury Causes- lacerations (cuts), fractures and dislocations, soft tissue injuries and amputations, infections, burns, and high-pressure injuries (grease and paint guns).

Common symptoms of hand injuries

  • Lacerations – Tenderness (pain), bleeding, numbness, decrease range of motion (difficulty moving), weakness, pallor (pale or bloodless)
  • Fractures and dislocations – tenderness, deformity, swelling and discoloration, decrease range of motion, numbness, weakness, bleeding
  • Soft tissue injuries and amputations – tenderness, deformity, swelling and discoloration, bleeding, weakness, numbness
  • Infections – Tenderness, local warmth, redness, swelling, fever, deformity, decrease range of motion
  • Burns – Tenderness or complete numbness, deformity, discoloration, loss of tissue, change in texture of skin, redness, blistering, black areas of tissue
  • High pressure injuries – Pain, swelling, occasional skin discoloration

When to Seek Medical Care for Hand Injury
Injuries to the hand causing the following symptoms generally require emergency medical attention at a hospital’s emergency department. – severe bleeding, numbness, loss of motion or strength, severe pain, obvious deformity or amputation, any of the signs of infection, such as tenderness, local warmth, redness, swelling, pus, or fever, exposure of underlying structures, such as tendons, bones, joints, arteries, veins, or nerves

After the initial care, may require physiotherapist to:
Restore the movements of the hand, to reduce pain and swelling, to improve muscle power of hand and arm, to improve functional activities, will be referred to specialist if required.

Hand Injuries